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Find the perfect domain name


Want to purchase a domain privately? Done! Want free DNS management? Already done! Need low cost domains? Check!

Free DNS Management

Competitors charge monthly fee's for DNS management. We think that's silly, and comes as a standard feature across all domains.

Large range of extensions

From .ninja to .blackfriday, we have a large catalog of domain extensions to give your business that extra shred of quirk.

ID Protection and Domain Forwarding

If you decide to move away from Gecko in the future, you'll be able to do so for free, without being locked into hefty transfer costs.

Cheapest .co.nz domains

We pride ourselves on providing low cost services for kiwi's. This is why we currently have the cheapest .co.nz domain on the market.

Need Help?

One of our Gecko’s are standing by, ready to help.