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Gecko Datacentres

We have multiple datacentres around the world, all run by experienced server management staff. This lets us offer state of the art equipment with lightning-fast speed and efficiency for a fraction of the cost.

Dallas, USA

Texas, USA. Some Americans refer to it as 'real' America, while we know it as the home of our industry leading hardware.

Each datacenter we operate from has fully redundant key systems, including network, power, climate control and security.

Our domain registration infrastructure is served by multiple fully redundant VMware-based private clouds incorporating HP SAN storage. We maintain a significant amount of capacity to cover special offers, promotions and peak traffic events. Our architecture spans 2 redundant datacenters and allows us to deliver you a fast, seamless domain registration process each step of the way.


  • Web Hosting Infastructure
  • Domain Infastructure
  • Network Infastructure

Paris, France

Bonjour, ca va?

We use only the best servers for our streaming solutions which includes:

  • Processor: Intel Xeon Latest Generation.
  • RAM: 32GB+ (At least 16GB of RAM).
  • Bandwidth: 1Gbps to prevent buffering.
  • Security: Antoi-DDOS Protection.
  • Control: Centova Cast v3.


  • SHOUTcast Infastructure
  • Icecast Infastructure

Auckland, New Zealand

Home of the long-white cloud and the original GeckoHost.

Auckland is the hub of all Gecko operations, with our head office on the beautiful North Shore. With sunny, pristine beaches meters away, all of our datacentres are created with a clean image in mind.

We’re currently in the process of working with some partners in setting up a state of the art datacentre in Auckland, New Zealand.


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  • Hub of Gecko operations.
  • Domain Infastructure
  • Misc. Infastructure
  • Streaming Infastructure

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